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Has the urge to create easy money and the lure of easy money raised a lot of questions in your mind?  Or have you (like me) lost thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of your life trying to make money without sacrificing your personal integrity – only to find yourself frustrated? If so, you will find many of the answers that you seek on this website. Answers to questions like:
  • How can I satisfy my creative urges and make money doing it?
  • Is the Internet really a good vehicle for the creation of easy money?
  • What is "easy money" and how easy is it, really, to create?
  • How is earning money online different from making money online – and does this distinction really matter?
  • What makes the Internet any better for these purposes than traditional offline businesses?
  • If I am going to make money online, what do I need to know about sales and marketing?
  • What can I sell online that people will want to buy?
  • Do I have what it takes to work at home successfully?
  • What skills and knowledge must I acquire in order to succeed at an online enterprise?
  • How should I get started, based on what I know now?  …and finally…
  • How can I avoid the many scams and fraudulent "create easy money opportunities" that come my way via the Internet - posing as ways to create easy money?


My name is Bob Podolsky – and I have created this site to help you avoid many of the frustrating and costly mistakes that I have made over the years – and, hopefully, to point the way toward your own creative and financial success.

I began my online business adventures in 1995 – back when hardly anyone knew that online marketing would eventually become big business. I taught myself HTML and built an online mall – then a bookstore – then a tool catalog. The income from my customers didn't cover my expenses – let alone pay my household bills. For a while I thought the thought of creating easy money online was just a pipe dream.


This index page was originally the websites's "home" page and the entire site was dedicated to the needs of individual work-from-home entrepreneurs; but this is no longer the case.

The scope of the site is being expanded to encompass the interests of more traditional (offline) business types as well - folks who might need to know such things as:

  • How do I write a business plan?
  • How much capital do I need?
  • How can I raise capital?
  • What else do I need to know in order to get started?
If such questions are of interest to you, click on one of the the "Home" buttons on the top or left navigation bar. Either one will take you to the information that you are looking for.
So I started building websites for other people's businesses: a Little Giant ladder business – then a seaside hotel – and so it went. But all along I was defeated by the fact that I didn't have enough customers. The folks getting paid to build websites were mostly employed by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – who had lots of credibility and enough income to afford advertising. And even they struggled, because most folks didn't know they actually needed a website to stay competitive in business. In short – I was way "ahead of my time".

I was unhappy, to say the least – and as frustrated as a tiger in a vegetable garden. So for a while I turned my back on the Internet and invested my energies in a lot of other things (some details later). Needless to say, it seemed a painful blow when I began to believe it is impossible to create easy money via the Internet.

But after a while I came back – when the Internet had evolved a bit. Now there were search engines that carried advertisements related to the visitor's search subject. Now there was software available to get the attention of the search engines by promoting the entrepreneur's website. Aha! Lots more ways to create easy money!

And now there were vast numbers of emails promoting ways to "get rich quick" or to create easy money online. The information available was frankly overwhelming. To make a long story short – I plunged right in… and made a lot more mistakes.


If any of this sounds familiar to you – or if you have heard others tell such stories and have no wish to repeat their experiences – then I urge you to take the time to read this website before taking any further steps toward pursuing your dreams. I promise you this: The time you invest studying what I have to say will be repaid many times over in time and money saved by not doing things that don't work.

Let's begin by considering the important role of creativity in your online efforts.

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