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About the Author...

Hi. I'm Bob Podolsky and I am the author of this website. As the author I feel I have some responsibility to let you know something about the author: who I am, why I am qualified to author this site, and why you might want to consider trusting what I have to say.

Don't worry, I'm not about to boast  I haven't made millions of dollars (yet). And I won't impose the subtle put-down you've seen elsewhere about how "I did it  so you can too".

Nor will I bore you with a tale about how I was living on food stamps and turned my life around by going online.

You've seen such messages before and I doubt you got anything better out of them than I did.

 What You Need to Know

The main things you need to know about me are these:

  • My life is primarily driven by curiosity. At the age of five I got hold of my parents' alarm clock and took it apart because I wanted to see how it worked. (Oooops!) My folks weren't happy about this, but my father, a famous physicist (Boris Podolsky), understood my urge to know how the world works  and encouraged me in this ever after.
  • He also taught me, at an early age, the basic principles of science and the scientific method  which exist only to distinguish true information from false information  so I became a devotee of truth, and remain so to this day.
  • My career experience is not particularly distinguished. I spent ten years doing mathematical physics and systems analysis in industry and government. Then I spent twenty-five years doing psychotherapy in private practice.
  • In 1984 I became friends with the late John David Garcia, who got me interested in the subject of ethics, and since then I have written five books and a number of articles about ethics, law, and government and their impact on our lives. In this my systems analysis background stood me in good stead. It turns out our societal institutions are pretty easy to analyze once you get past the lies that they tell.
  • In 1995 I got interested in the Internet and tried my hand at building websites to do online marketing. At that time the Internet had not yet evolved to the point where it provided the tools needed to do this effectively  so my efforts came to naught  but I learned a lot about how the Internet works and taught myself enough HTML and database programming to build websites and to recognize true information about the Internet when I read it.
  • Two years ago (2006) I came back to the web and found it very different than it had been ten years earlier. Modern search engines have made a huge difference in the feasibility of online marketing, so I jumped in "with both feet"  and made a lot of mistakes. What I hadn't reckoned on is that along with the improvements in web technology came a lot of scam artists too. Those in the know call these folks Get Rich Quick or GRQ scammers.

    Now I have nothing against getting rich quickly rather than slowly  after all, why postpone success? And the problem I have with the GRQ crowd isn't that they make money  which I am sure they do  the problem is that they approach online marketing in a predatory modality. Their idea of an online business is nothing more than a series of snares, each with a higher price tag.

    They successfully trap the unwary by making promises that you can only fulfill, at best, if you become as predatory as they are. All they really sell is traps  to customers who will sell traps  to customers who sell traps  and so forth ad nauseum!

    Most often they function as con-artists, preying upon the greed and desperation of their customers. If you are trying to make their methods work and run into difficulties they are unavailable to assist you unless you are ready to pay them big bucks ($3,000 and up) for their "mentorship".

  • Once I understood (the hard way  as usual) what was happening online, and realized how many folks were being cheated out of their hard-earned money, I put on my systems analysis hat and began studying the dynamics of successful online businesses  real businesses that sell real value to customers who are delighted to buy what they really want  and which consistently over-deliver on their promises.

 A Pleasant Surprise

To my delight, such businesses really do exist! Lots of them! And what is more, there are some wonderful experts out there who can teach you every detail of how to accomplish the same thing yourself. They are my role models  maybe even my gurus  and I am using the know-how that I've gotten from them for the development of this website. The lessons I have learned from them are scientifically, demonstrably, unequivocally true  and with my passion for truth, that's saying a lot.

I won't pretend that I've told you enough about myself for you to really know me  but I hope I've said enough for you to feel that we have been introduced  and I hope it's enough for you to see the point of reading the material on this website.

My commitment to you, as I write the second half of this website, is simply to continue to gather together all the best true information available to me about doing business successfully online  and to make it available to you, along with access to the tools, techniques, and guidance you need to reach your long-term business goals.

If you want to know more about the author, or to contact me personally with your questions, just use the form on the "contact us" page provided or call me at the number below.

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