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"To Create Is To Play"

 Why Create?

Make no mistake – all happiness and prosperity are ultimately derived from creativity. I first intuited this during the ten years I spent working as a systems analyst – first for industry and then for government. I really began to grasp the fact during the subsequent twenty-five years that I made my living as a psychotherapist in private practice.

 Maximize Creativity

It became obvious. Happy people are people who create. Until you have an appropriate outlet for your own creative urges, you will never be happy – no matter how much money you have. On the other hand, when you are being creative, it feels like play – the time flies and you end the day feeling satisfied, refreshed, fulfilled – in short: happy.

One direct consequence of this fact is that life as an employee is unlikely to be a happy life. This is the best reason I know to be self-employed – your own boss. Only when you are "inner-directed" can you be as creative as you are capable of being. So, if you aren't self-employed now, plan now to give yourself the means to become your own boss – to maximize your own creative opportunities.

While you are at it - consider writing a business plan rather than just dreaming one. This resource will get you started properly.

So how can you maximize creativity? The best way that I know to do this is to increase the creativity of everyone with whom you come in contact – your family, your friends, your business contacts – everyone. What does this mean exactly?

To explain this concept adequately would take a book in itself.As a matter of fact, I have written a few books on this subject - the subject of ethics. Two of them are available from Amazon, as shown in the links to the right side of this page. If you really want to get into the subject, these books make a good starting point. For the purpose of this web page I'll just hit a few highlights – the ones that will take you on the path to "easy money".

 What Is Creativity?

Creativity is best defined as the "bringing into human awareness of new true information".You can do this either by discovering new true information or by making others aware of such information that was discovered by someone else – in other words, by teaching.

Awareness, I might add, is one of the logical equivalents of creativity. This means that every increase of awareness results in an increase of someone's ability to create – and vice versa. It also means that every time one of these resources is limited or diminished, the other is also limited or diminished.

I know this all sounds a little abstract, but if you bear with me just a little longer, you will soon see the connection – what this has to do with your quest for "easy money".

I mentioned "true information" above as the root of creativity. What is "true information"?  True information is information which, when you believe it to be true, increases your ability to predict and/or control events in the real world – which is to say, your intelligence. False information, by contrast, limits or diminishes your intelligence when you believe it to be true. More truth = more ability to create.

As an example, when I was a boy there were still people on this planet who believed that the earth is flat – they were referred to as "flatlanders". These folks were of the opinion that the spherical nature of the earth, as described by scientists for instance, was a hoax. This is a good example of the difference between opinion and scientific theory. Flatlanders were at a serious disadvantage if they tried to navigate ships or airplanes. Their intelligence had been diminished. The advent of space travel that began with the creation of the Russian Sputnik turned the scientific theory of a spherical earth into a scientific fact.

The bottom line for you, if you want to create "easy money", is that you must learn to be trustworthy in the eyes of those who will be paying you. So it is imperative that your communication with those people be comprised of true information – and nothing but.

So let's move on now to uncover the truth about easy money.

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