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The Truth About Easy Money

 How "Easy" Is Easy?

In your quest for easy money, have you asked yourself just how easy you are hoping or expecting the money to come to you? The word "easy" is a comparative term. It has no meaning until you answer the question, "easy compared to what?"

Some people, who want easy money, want to receive it as a gift or handout – without any work or effort on their part. I'm sure you have met such people. They seem to think the world owes them something. Short of a year or two of intensive psychotherapy, there isn't much that can really help these folks. Their lifelong quest for easy money is doomed from the outset.

To these folks I can only say: look for a good therapist – preferably one that excels at bioenergetics, NLP, and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

 Are You Willing?

So, from this point on I'll assume you are willing to make some effort on your own financial behalf. In addition I'm going to assume that you are not in desperate straits, financially or emotionally. When you are desperate, nothing is easy.

For you to implement the suggestions that I am going to share with you will require some patience on your part. Money comes to you much more easily when you don't try to "push the river" – rivers flow just fine when you are able to do the requisite work as if you had all the time in the world – even when you don't.>

Financially, there are many accomplishments that are very difficult under some circumstances. For instance, it is next to impossible to become financially independent by working for someone else. Still it can be done while also holding down a job – though it takes quite a bit of discipline to do so. For some the dislike of one's job is a great motivator.

Returning to the question of how "easy" is easy…

  • It is easier to succeed with relevant skills than without… but skills can be learned. Are you willing to apply yourself to the learning?
  • It is easier to succeed if you already have money that you can afford to invest than if you don't. In the absence of such capital you will need to invest more time. Are you willing to do this?
  • It is vastly easier to succeed if you are willing to learn from the mistakes of others. Failing in this you will have to make a lot of expensive and time-consuming mistakes on your own. This website is a great place to avoid that particular pitfall – but, again, you will need to take the time to study the lessons contained in it. Will you do so?
  • Finally, in your quest for "easy money" – or even just "easier money", which is far more achievable, you will need to understand the distinction between earning money and making money. Let's address that distinction


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