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Hi there. This is the "fast cash" page of a website called I created this website to provide useful information to folks who are specifically searching for the truth about how to make money online. If that is what you are looking for, just click on the link above and you will find a lot of great information.

On the other hand, you may be here because you are financially desperate and looking for a way to solve an immediate problem in your life – and you think a search for "fast cash" might lead you to that solution. For you I have good news and bad news. I'll give you the bad news first.

 The Bad News

If you are looking for a handout or an easy way to scam the public on the Internet, you won't find it here. All the "fast cash" websites on the Internet are looking to get fast cash from you. In return (and there is always something offered in return) they will tell you how to set up some kind of business on the Internet.

Such businesses don't work! I know because I've been there and done that and I have always been disappointed. You will be too if you go that route. Don't waste your time and money on such "opportunities".

Speaking as a retired psychotherapist, I can tell you, as a fact, that money always changes hands in an exchange – a quid pro quo. Someone will pay you their cash (fast cash or not) because they want something you have more than they want their money.

Think about it. Whenever you buy something, you give up some money because you want what you are buying more than you want the money that you have to pay for it. This is always true – it's a universal truth. So if you want to be paid, you have to offer (and ultimately deliver) something of real value to the person paying you. If you are able and willing to do this, you are in business – literally.

 The Good News

How fast does "fast cash" have to be to meet your needs? And what are you willing to do to get it? Are you willing to study and learn? Are you willing to spend a hundred hours reading and following directions to achieve your goal?

If not – if you just want to be given money for free – with no effort on your part, you don't need an Internet business – you need a good therapist. The fact is that your current dilemma is the result of all the bad decisions you've made throughout your life. Therapy can help you make different decisions – better decisions. But it won't be free – and it will take time – possibly a year or more.

Meanwhile, you do have the opportunity to change your circumstances for the better. However, your desperation works against you. Your own desperation keeps the "fast cash" beyond your reach. To solve your problem you will need to act "as if" you were not desperate. This can be done – as I explain below.

 The "Resource State"

As you study and learn the material in the rest of this website, you will need to feel resourceful – calm and capable – able to concentrate without your fast cash desperation getting in your way. Fortunately, you can learn to control your feelings enough to do this. In the field of Neurolinguistic Programming, acquisition of such control is referred to as "creating and anchoring a resource state".

A resource state is nothing more than a physiological condition in which you have abilities that you are unable to access when you are not in such a state. Resource states are used, knowingly or not, by everyone with highly developed capabilities. Athletes, writers, public speakers, scientists, actors, aviators, fire-walkers, and many others all have highly developed resource states that make it possible for them to do with ease things that would be difficult, or even impossible, without those states.

In 1985 I walked barefoot across a ten-foot patch of red hot coals without any pain or damage to my feet. To accomplish this feat, which science cannot adequately explain to this day, I learned to create and anchor a very special resource state that enabled me to do so. So the technique is very powerful!!

Below I will explain how to acquire the resource state that you need if you are to make a realistic effort to acquire fast cash– but before I do I want to caution you that some people find it difficult to employ this procedure without a little help. If you find the procedure isn't working for you, you will need to hire a therapist who is skilled in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

If you explain that you need some resource states, he/she will know right away what you mean. You should expect useful results from a single session with such a therapist – and it will be well worth the money that it costs you to get this done.

 Acquiring the Resource State

There are several steps to having a resource state at your command. The first is to acquire the state, the second is to intensify it, and the third is to anchor it – thereby making it available to you whenever you need it. To acquire the state follow this procedure:

  • Vividly recall a time when you felt yourself to be in the state that you desire. For example, if you want to be calm and confident recall a time when you were, in fact calm and confident – perhaps doing something that you do often and competently. It could be as simple as the last time you brushed your teeth, or it could be when you did something more challenging that you know you can always do well.
  • Intensify the state by recalling what you felt, what you saw, and what you heard or what you might have said to yourself as you were taking the action at which you are perfectly competent. You need to continue to intensify the experience until it peaks – when you know that you are having exactly the experience that you want to replicate on demand.
  • Next you will anchor the state by a combination of:
    1. An image in your mind that can represent the state for you – perhaps a color, the image of an object that you associate with the state, or an image of the word which in your mind best describes the state,
    2. A special word that you say to yourself as you reach that peak intensity of state, and
    3. A unique physical sensation that you can reproduce – perhaps something you do with your hand, or the feel of the chair in which you sit at your computer.
  • Finally, you test the anchor by first getting out of that particular state. You can do this in many ways. For instance you might stand up, move around, jump up and down – or perhaps just remember an experience that made you anxious on some earlier occasion.

    Then fire the anchor by recalling the image that you used to create the anchor while you say the special word that you used and simultaneously re-create the unique physical sensation that you employed.

If you did all of these things properly, you will find yourself back in the state of calm and confidence that you used to set the anchor.

By repeating these steps using different memories of the state that you want to reproduce, and by using exactly the same anchoring symbols, you can effectively pile one anchor on top of another until firing your anchors creates an extremely powerful state that is exactly the one you want to do the task at hand.

Using the procedures described above, you can set aside your desperation, which is after all nothing but an un-resourceful state, and take on a variety of challenges in precisely the physiological state needed.

 Moving On Towards Fast Cash

So, if you are still with me, let's re-visit your need for fast cash in the context of creating easy money online

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