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Get Out of the Money Matrix

As a scientist I can tell you as a fact that money secrets abound - Government lies are legion. Big business's secret agendas would amaze and, perhaps, appall you. Even organized religions are generally not what they seem. In fact, where our major institutions are concerned, little is as it seems.

No, I am definitely not a conspiracy buff or conspiracy theorist - nor am I particularly paranoid. I simply filter everything I know through the lens of the scientific method - and doing so I often make surprising and discomfiting discoveries.

In this free monthly E-zine / Newsletter I will share with you a series of eye-opening money secrets and other information that I consider essential to running my life in the real world - as opposed to the world that our media describe. As you will see - the two are very different.

For instance:
Did you know that the pre-1962 quarter that contained about 1/4 ounce of silver and bought a gallon of gas at the pump in 1947, is today worth about $4.50 - about the price of a gallon of gas. In terms of real money (silver), the price of gas has risen negligibly in the past 60+ years - BUT - the value of our currency and today's (non-silver) coinage has declined. Want to know why?

Or did you know that when you go to your local bank and sign up for a credit card, that you actually provide the financial asset from which the bank then "lends" you "money" - costing them nothing?

That's right; they don't lend you money that their bank customers have deposited with them. Instead they lend you money that they created out of nothing the moment they recorded your signing of their credit card agreement. Want to know how they do this, or how they get away with it - or how you can benefit from knowing it?

Or did you know that even here in the US it is still possible to have a bank account without providing the bank your Social Security Number? Might that know-how be useful to you at some point?

Or did you know that the issuance of Federal Reserve Notes ("dollars") that pass for money here, and in many parts of the world, is in direct (illegal) violation of the US Constitution? How do you think this has gone unchallenged in the courts for ninety-five years - and why?

So I hope you will sign up for my newsletter and get ready to learn more money secrets than you ever wanted to know. If you value uncomfortable truths over comforting lies, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Bob Podolsky

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