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 Introduction to "Site Build It!"

This lesson concerns the resource called "Site Build It!" and the online marketing strategy some call "the Way of the Tortoise", which in webspeak means building a really good website that over-delivers the information that your visitors are looking for.

If you are not a highly skilled webmaster - prepared to take on the more challenging tasks of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - then this approach is definitely the better choice. In fact, even if you have highly developed SEO skills, this may still be the better choice, for reasons that will become clear as I explain what it is and how it works.

 Are You a Beginner?

At the outset, let's assume that you are a rank beginner at online marketing - and that you do not have the skills or the inclination to become a master of SEO. And let's further suppose that you would be happy to find a single source of all the information and tools that you need - not just to put together a website - but to actually create a successful online business - one that will become more and more profitable as time goes on.

I will also assume that you have a certain amount of patience and perseverance - and the ability to resist the temptation to fall for the myriad "get rich quick" come-ons with which you are constantly besieged via e-mails that promise instant riches.

 My Promise to You

If you have these resources and follow the plan that this lesson introduces, I promise that you won't be disappointed. You will succeed and prosper beyond your fondest dreams!

I don't make promises lightly - in fact, I am always careful never to make promises that I can't keep. I know that I can keep this promise to you, because, as you will shortly see, the resource I am recommending consistently over-delivers on its claims. Although I still occasionally use some of the SEO tools that I purchased before I found this resource, the fact remains that I no longer need them to assure my success.

The resource is called Site Build It! (SBI) It was developed and is marketed by a company called Site Sell - that was founded in 1997 by a genius by the name of Ken Evoy - a former physician who made it his business to acquire and share a profound understanding of how online marketing really works - and whose ethics I have come to admire and respect above all others who present themselves as Internet marketing "gurus".

I have tried and been disappointed by many others - at enormous personal cost in time and money. Nothing else on the market comes anywhere close to what you get when you sign up for Site Build it! It is unique beyond anything you could imagine.

Some of you reading this page will have concerns about what such a magnificent resource costs - so let's get that behind us before getting into the details of what Site Build It! (SBI) provides. The total investment you will need to make is just $300 per year (including Web hosting) - less than a dollar a day! When you see what you get for this outlay, you will realize it is the biggest bargain on the entire Internet.

 Exploring Site Build It!

Rather than try to give you all the details in my own words - a task that I consider beyond my capabilities - I will instead provide you with links to a few of the many web pages available to explain what SBI has to offer. Each link opens a new window or tab in your browser, so you can return to this page just by closing the newly opened window or tab.


  • The most comprehensive available overview of Site Build It's resources is the twenty-eight minute Video Tour. Among other things it introduces the basic C »T » P » M methodology of Content » Traffic » Pre-Sell » Monetize, by far the best way to approach the development of an online business. It also demonstrates some of the many tools that are included when you sign up for Site Build It.
  • If you don't have time just now for the Video Tour, take the quick Slide Show Tour instead - which you can zip through at your own pace.
  • For more on the C » T » P » M methodology, click on this link.
  • For more on the many tools that Site Build It provides its members go here.

 Want Some Proof?

  • Want to see some evidence that SBI is as good as I'm telling you it is? Check out the Case Studies page, where you can learn about folks from all walks of life who have succeeded with SBI. Before I signed up I called one of these satisfied SBI customers and learned that he has built four SBI businesses, and retired to a beach home on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. Try getting that kind of verification anywhere else on the Web!
  • Still need further proof of the efficacy of SBI? This link will provide it.
  • Do you like seeing testimonials? SBI owners aren't just satisfied customers - they rave about the benefits of SBI and how it has changed their lives for the better. Hear what some of them have to say about their experience.

 Other Site Build It Considerations

  • Are you thinking of structuring your online business as a blog? Before you do, be sure to read the Blog or Build a Website page that discusses the pros and cons of each approach. This item alone could save you from a ton of grief.
  • Do you have a traditional business that sells tangible goods - which you are thinking of promoting online? If so, the Hard Goods page is a must read.
  • Are you a doctor, lawyer, dentist, auto mechanic, consultant, or other service provider hoping to promote your business via the Internet? This link explains how service providers benefit by using SBI.
  • Do you aspire to be an "Infopreneur", selling information or e-goods online? Then these links are just for you.
  • Are you a student or a retiree hoping to find a good vehicle for entering the field of Internet marketing? These links provide the keys that you need to succeed where so many others fail.
  • Want to get a feel for the level of instruction available from SBI? If so I recommend the E-book Make Your Site Sell that is available to you free right now. It is just one of many detailed manuals available to you at no additional cost when you join SBI. As my guest you can have it right now without joining.
  • Are you a fan of online auctions and want to make a lot more money on them? Then follow this link to find out how SBI can make that dream a reality.
  • From Day 1, SBI provides a detailed step-by-step Action Guide to lead you through all the steps you will need to take to create your online business. It is available either as a video or (my personal preference) as a text. For all my years of experience building commercial websites, I have found this guide to be invaluable - a treasure-trove of good advice and detailed guidance.
  • Do you have an MLM or Network Marketing business that you want to promote online? Some MLM companies don't allow this (too bad for them) - but for those that do, SBI is for sure the right way to go.
  • Are you an experienced webmaster for-hire - and would you like to provide your clients with more effective websites with less work on your part - thereby making your business more profitable and easier to operate? The two links above are crucial to your business (the second one gets you a free download of the SBI Webmaster Master's Course) - while this one, on SBI web-hosting services is well worth your time.
  • Do you want to specifically target customers who speak French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, or Chinese? If so, these pages are especially for you.
  • Are you ready to sign up for SBI? Here is the Sign Up for Site Build It! page.
  • Thinking of selling SBI as an affiliate on an existing or yet-to-be-built website? You can become an affiliate here.

 Try It for FREE

 Have Questions About Site Build It?

Finally, if you have questions about Site Build It! or the company (SiteSell Corp.) follow the preceding "questions" link and you can get your questions answered by e-mail or speak to a real person if you prefer. You can even arrange to talk with one or more satisfied ecstatic customers. Try getting that kind of verification anywhere else!

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