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Small Business Heads Up!

"Big Changes Coming Soon to This Website"


This small business heads up announces three significant changes that will take place on this website over the next two months or so.

  1. The scope of the material presented will be greatly expanded. Originally intended just for the "work-at-home" small business category - it will shortly include critical information relevant to traditional business development including:
    • Small business starup planning.
    • Pros and cons of different strategies.
    • Financial planning and requirements analysis.
    • Sources of capital and how they differ.
    • Knowledgeable recommendations for critical decisions to be made.

  2. The "Look and Feel" of the website will change from a rigid narrow two-column layout to a flexible three-column arrangement with an added horizontal navigation bar across the top. This should permit using a much smaller vertical left navigation menu that will be easier to read and understand. This change will, in effect, "make room" for roughly twice the number of small business topical pages while making it easier for the visitors to find what they are looking for. And finally...

  3. Links and advertising will start to be added to the site to take visitors to recommended small business resources available elsewhere on the Internet.

As a recipient of this small business heads up, please be patient if these changes cause some temporary confusion and feel free to use the "contact" link to report errors, omissions, and stuff that goes "bump" instead of "click". Also, please let me know if you have small business questions that you would like to see addressed as the scope of the site is expanded.

Bob Podolsky

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