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"Start A Business"
A Strategic Overview


Has the desire to start a business raised a lot of questions in your mind? Questions like:
  • What resources do I need to start a business?
  • What kind of business am I prepared to start?
  • If I start a business, what will I sell?
  • What kind of start-a-business plan do I need to write?
  • How much money do I need to start a business successfully?
  • What sources of capital might be available to me?
  • What are the first choices and decisions that I need to address in order to get started?
  • What skills and knowledge must I acquire in order to succeed in starting a business?
  • How should I get started, based on what I know now?


My name is Bob Podolsky – and I have created this site to help you avoid many of the frustrating and costly mistakes that I have made over the years – and, hopefully, to point the way toward your own creative and financial success.


This page is now the website's true "home" page because the scope of the site has been expanded to include the interests of everyone who wants to strart a business - where it was originally dedicated only to the needs of individual work-from-home entrepreneurs.

If you start a business without first addressing the questions above, you risk spending huge amounts of time and money without the outcome you desire. So I suggest you take the advice of one who has made lots of mistakes and learned from them the hard way. Otherwise your chances of success, I'm sorry to say, are minimal.
On the other hand, if you are willing to be guided by an old timer who has "been there and done that", I will lead you through all the critical decisions that are crucial at the beginning of the start-a-business process.

 Your First Decision: Where Are You Starting?

Are you an individual of limited means - with all sorts of great ideas, but less than $10,000 available to start a business? If so, you should probably consider building an online business first. You can do this successfully with as little as $500. If this is your situation, start by reading the sections on "ONLINE BASICS" and "ONLINE DETAILS" available via the corresponding buttons on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of this page.

Why start online? I know it can be very tempting to package your great ideas in a well-written plan or proposal and to start a business by soliciting OPM (Other People's Money) to launch your fledgling enterprise. Despite what others will certainly tell you, this approach is VASTLY more difficult than starting online.

On the other hand, sometimes passion, rather than reason, will determine your destiny. So consider starting offline - IF:

  • You have substantial money to invest - say $50,000 or more - and/or
  • You own a proven patent or comparable intellectual property - and/or
  • You are "well connected" with some investment bankers or wealthy individuals who have good reason to trust your judgement and abilities - and/or
  • Your resumé proves that you have an outstanding track record at creating high returns on the investment of other people's money.

If one or more of these criteria apply to you, and if you are really drawn to starting a business offline, then by all means consider an offline path to start a business - after you have read the section on "OFFLINE BASICS" AND studied the subsequent chapters about various ways to raise capital.

 Are You Still In A Quandry?

If you don't fall solidly into one of the categories above, your course of immediate action is simple: read all the information on this website before you do anything else! I promise: the more you know what you are doing, the more successful your efforts will be to start a business - online OR offline.

Ready! Set! Start A Business Now!

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