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"The Way of The Tortoise is the Best of All the Ways to Make Money Online"

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  • In considering ways to make money online, we've looked at the role of creativity in the search for "easy money".
  • We've talked about the four ways of acquiring money and the advantages of building an online business.
  • We've examined the question of just how easy is it to create "easy money".
  • Then we talked about some of the basics of online marketing and the pros and cons of working at home in the context of ways to make money online.
  • Next we began discussing how to choose a suitable approach to online marketing  and determined that it would be unwise to fall for an online scam, or a get-rich-quick offer, or to try going it alone.
  • The last discussion covered niche marketing using search engine optimization  a methodology that works  but has certain disadvantages among ways to make money online.

The above-linked pages form a series of brief lessons on the basics of setting up an online marketing business. If you have arrived at this page without having read them, you can use the links provided to reach them. They provide valuable background information for you to better understand this page.

 The Downside To SEO

Let's take a look at some of those SEO disadvantages. For starters, the search engines keep changing how they rank websites  they become ever more sophisticated in how they judge the quality of any particular website. Their objective is always to present the user with the best information possible about whatever topic is entered as the user's keywords.

When you focus on the ranking process you get ever further from the core purpose  providing quality information. The result, too often, is that you are not using your time and efforts well  and too often also, as the search engines get better your ranking suffers.

Remember, the search engines, at least the big three (Google, Yahoo, and MSN) have enormous resources at their disposal, and hire legions of experts to keep improving their algorithms  the mathematical formulas that compute the scores that determine the rankings.

The long and the short of it is that you can never keep up with them  unless you stay focused on the quality of the information that you provide your website visitors. And what is more, if this is truly your focus, your ranking will get better and better as the search engines evolve. Maintaining this focus is the best of all ways to make money online.

 A Better Strategy

Fortunately there is a highly evolved system in place to support your efforts, should you decide to follow this methodology. Its inventors refer to it as "the Way of the Tortoise"  using the metaphor of the race between the tortoise and the hare, in which the swift but lazy hare loses the race to the slower but steadfast tortoise.

The system to which I am referring provides:

  • Excellent web hosting,
  • All the online tools you need to do your market research  and to determine which markets constitute potentially profitable niches,
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions to design websites that please both the search engines and your website's visitors,
  • Online website construction tools that enable the rankest beginner to build a well-designed professional-quality website, regardless of your level of experience,
  • Immediate feedback on the quality of each web page that you create, and guidance in editing the work that you have done to maximize its effectiveness,
  • Traffic generation tools that successfully get your website noticed by searchers and search engines alike  thereby continuously improving your ranking and your visibility to potential customers,
  • Detailed instructions that enable you to "pre-sell" your visitors effectively, by demonstrating your ability and willingness to provide them with top-notch information of the kind they are seeking,
  • Excellent models to guide you through all aspects of monetizing your website profitably,
  • Numerous free e-books and articles on every phase of developing your online business  not just your website, and
  • Online forums in which you can ask questions concerning every step of the online business-building process  and get meaningful answers from a cadre of satisfied customers  whom you can actually contact and talk with.

 My Best Word of Advice

Whether you are a beginner, a novice, an experienced online marketer, or a professional webmaster, you owe it to yourself to check out this system. It is unique  one of a kind. And it has a magnificent track record in affording its users what they need for online marketing success  in this it consistently over-delivers. Accordingly, I give it my whole-hearted endorsement.   Click here to read a more robust and detailed description of this best of all ways to make money online.

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