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Can I Work At Home?

 Is This What You Want To Do?

There are many advantages to the choice to work at home. Some are obvious:

  • No boss to tell you what to do,
  • You set your own hours,
  • Work when you want,
  • Take time off when you want,
  • Dress as you please,
  • And gain certain tax advantages – to name just a few benefits.

There are some other considerations that you should review before you embark on this course of action – some questions you need to answer honestly.

  • Do you have a quiet home office in which to work?
  • Can you teach your spouse and children to let you work undisturbed?
  • Do you have a well-defined business plan of action – so you always know what to do next?
  • Are you a self-starter – ready to do what it takes without anyone supervising you?
  • And, most importantly, do you have the self-discipline required to set a schedule and stick to it in spite of all the distractions, temptations, and interruptions that will inevitably come your way?

Unless you can answer "yes" to these questions, you should consider NOT making this choice - really. These are absolute musts for the vast majority of people who actually choose to work this way.

In addition, you should also ask yourself: Is your social life closely connected to your job? If so, will you miss it when you work alone? Are you really ready to make this sacrifice?

So what is your decision? Are you ready to go this route and to build an Internet-based business? If so, let's move on and consider

what your work at home approach will be

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